Need anonymity and privacy to feel safe when opening up? ‘Cloakspace’ is here for you

In this world of unrestricted usage of internet and social media, data privacy is a myth. All activities on the internet are stored and cataloged. E-commerce, messaging or any online activity, every form of data is stored in a database and is susceptible to being compromised. The world breathes the internet and thrives on data. This data which is collected from the users are then used to regulate their feed to show relatable content in the form of advertisements and others, it draws users to these personalized advertisements and users are more prone to clicking these advertisements, which is simply good business. Though this might seem like an innovative and user-specific approach, it is certainly an infringement on personal space and private and sensitive data.

Some users might want to remain anonymous and prefer anonymity over customized advertisements. These are users who might want to share ‘what’s on their mind’ on social media without the prevailing privacy issue that many platforms inherently possess. Cloakspace provides a fresh take on this desire for anonymity where users have complete control over their data, privacy and can share their ideas and thoughts without the inherent fear of judgment and privacy breach. Though this platform is in the initial stage of its conception, no personal data is taken from the users to be a part of the platform, yet allowing the users to use the platform to share their thoughts and ideas as in any other social media platform.

Cloakspace: A platform where you can be anonymous and share your thoughts.
Cloakspace: An anonymous platform for everyone.

Cloakspace provides complete anonymity which gives the users omnipotence over their personal data. However, the users need to abide by the community guidelines and policies while posting anything on the platform and a violation of which will have consequences. There is absolute immunity from privacy threat but with certain restrictions and responsibility to safeguard the platform and its users.

Cloakspace provides complete anonymity
Cloakspace provides complete anonymity and data security.

For users who value data privacy, Cloakspace is an intriguing project which is a brainchild of two undergraduates having a passion for technology and the web. The website is hosted on Firebase with a custom paid domain, Firebase itself provides an SSL certificate for the domain which makes it a secure platform. Firebase has introduced Certification Transparency which helps detect invalid SSL certificates and deal with them. Here’s the full article related to it:

Firebase by google
Firebase by Google.

Cloakspace provides features that can be used without logging in or requiring any sort of privacy or personal data from the user. Activities such as likes, dislikes, comments, and share options are available to the users. There is certainly a report option for posts that violate the community guidelines. A strict policy is maintained to keep the platform, neutral, unbiased, and safe. Advanced search highlighting and real-time updates are some other features of this platform. This platform is free, independent, and empowering and made with love.

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Do use the platform, help the platform improve. Be a part of the change.

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